The Arts For Youth


  • A credit card is required to be on file for all accounts

  • Tuition fees, including applicable discounts and any additional fees (such as costume), will be added to your account by a staff member upon completion of a registration form and a statement will be sent to the primary email account you have on file.

  • At the start of each session, our billing department will send you an email with your statement for the session. This statement will include all fees and discounts. It will also list out details for all due dates and the amounts due.

  • You can choose to pay your balance in full at the time you receive your first statement.

  • Monthly billing is available for an additional $5 processing fee per month. This fee will be automatically added to your account if you do not pay the balance in full by the first due date listed.

  • Monthly payments must be 25% of the total session's fees (not including costume) and paid on the 1st of the month (Feb, March, April, and May for Spring Session. Sept, Oct, Nov, and Dec for Fall/Winter Session. Summer Session payments are 50% in both June & July.)

  • If you do not pay in full by the first due date listed on this statement, your credit card will be automatically charged each month on the due dates listed on your initial statement, unless paid with another method prior to the due date.

  • If you prefer to pay with another method (cash, check, bank draft, PayPal), payment must be received before the 5th of each month.

  • If you make a payment that is less than the amount due, your credit card will be charged the balance due on the due date listed.

  • There is a $25.00 fee for any declined credit cards or returned checks.

  • Tuition is non-refundable.


  • Costume fees are due in full on the first full month of the session (February for Spring, September for Fall/Winter). There are no costume fees for Summer Session.

  • Costume fees will be listed on your initial statement and will be automatically charged to your credit card on file on the due date unless paid with another method prior.

  • Costume fees can be refunded if the class is dropped by the drop date.

  • Costume fees are as follows:

    • Tot Creative Movement: $35 for girls, $25 for boys (Black pants may be required separately)

    • Intermediate & Senior Tap/Hip Hop: Two costumes (includes performance shoes for Hip Hop)

      • Boys: $75-80 (Black pants may be required separately)

      • Girls youth sizes: $110

      • Girls adult sizes: $120

    • Pom only classes: One costume (includes poms that you keep)

      • Boys: $40 (Black pants may be required separately)

      • Girls youth sizes: $70

      • Girls adult sizes: $75

    • Jazz /Pom classes: Two costumes (includes poms that you keep)

      • Boys: $70 (Black pants may be required separately)

      • Girls youth sizes: $105

      • Girls adult sizes: $115

    • All other classes:

      • Teacher's Assistants: $25 for single song, $50 for double

      • Boys: $25 for single song, $50 for double (Black pants may be required separately.)

      • Girls youth sizes: $50 for single song, $85 for double

      • Girls adult sizes: $55 for single song, $95 for double


  • Sibling Discount - Additional students per family: $5 off per month

  • Multiple Class Discount - enjoy 20% off when you register for more than one class per student per week!

  • Referral Credit - If an enrolling student mentions your name, your account will be credited $10. No limit!


Each session has a "drop date" --- approx. mid-February (Spring Session) & mid-September (Fall/ Winter Session). You can enroll your child in as many classes as you wish until then (some kids like to try each style to see what suits them the best), but you must know which classes you are committed to by that date. TAFY will not accept any new students for performance classes after that date. We do not give refunds for any reason. However, if after paying for the session in full, a student drops any class before this date, a credit may be held on your account for any unused classes (to be used in the same family within one year). If student drops after the drop date, no credit will be given. If account is billed monthly, the remaining balance for the semester will be due at the time of removal from class. A $50 late drop fee will also be added to the account.  Special circumstances (injury, unexpected move, etc.) will be considered. 


Spring and Fall/Winter sessions:

If you register after the session start date, we will prorate your account to reflect the classes missed. After registration, absences will not be prorated or refunded for any reason.

Summer Session:

We understand that summertime is busy! We are willing to prorate summer classes if you are not able to make it to every class. Prorates must be approved beforehand with the instructor.

Required Items

Appropriate clothing and footwear should be worn for each class. We encourage a layered approach (leggings over tights and leg warmers), which will enable the student to warm the muscles when needed. Please avoid clothing that is overly loose or baggy as instructors need to be able to verify that movements are being performed correctly. No denim jeans, buttons, belts, buckles, or zippers, please!  If a student wears these things to class, he or she may be excluded, so please make sure they are dressed appropriately. Smiles are worn before, during, and after class.  Please make sure young dancers use the restroom before class - they get excited!  Street shoes are never allowed on the dance floor. 

We sell most required items! Find what you need in the studio at your first class!


For girls -

  • A Leotard or sports bra of any style or color MUST be worn to EVERY CLASS.

  • Layers are welcome. Shirts, sweaters, tank tops, legwarmers, etc.

  • Legs must be visible! Tights, shorts, capris, leggings, and skirts are good options.

  • Hair must be pulled back in a bun or braid before class begins

  • Jewelry is strongly discouraged. Stud earrings only.

  • Water bottle

  • Knee pads are encouraged

For boys -

  • Tank top or compression shirt

  • Shorts, sweatpants, or other athletic pants

  • Water bottle

  • Knee pads are encouraged


  • Primary & Junior Acro classes: Bare Feet

  • Intermediate & Senior Acro classes: Half-sole shoes

  • Primary & Junior Ballet classes: Ballet shoes

  • Intermediate & Senior Ballet classes: Half-sole shoes

  • Lyrical/Contemporary classes: Half-sole shoes

  • Jazz/Pom classes: Jazz shoes

  • Pom classes: Jazz shoes

  • Pointe & Pre-pointe classes: Ballet flats and pointe shoes (upon instructor approval)

  • Tap/Jazz classes: Tap shoes, Jazz shoes

  • Tap/ Hip Hop classes: Tap shoes, Jazz shoes

  • Technique classes: Jazz, Ballet, or Half-sole shoes

  • Creative Movement classes: Ballet shoes


  • For girls - Please note that "nude" refers to items that match the dancer's skin color

    • Nude tights - (convertible or footless for those in Acro)

    • Nude bra for those that need one

    • Nude trunks or leotard (optional for ages 7 & under or those in only one routine)

    • Black short sleeved leotard to be worn in finale and with some costumes

    • Black leggings to be worn in finale and with some costumes (optional for Tot & Primary ages 2-4)

    • Curly hair scrunchie (Optional)

  • For boys -

    • Black short sleeved compression shirt to be worn in finale and under some costumes

    • All Black athletic pants (check with instructor. Some costumes may include pants.)

    • Black dress socks (for any class other than Acro)


Payment Information

You can make payments by cash, check, bank draft, credit card, or PayPal.

To pay with cash or check, stop by the Valley studio any time between 3:30-9:00 pm M-Th, 11:00 am-8:30 pm Saturday or mail payment to TAFY Dance Alaska at 9035 Lupine Lane, Juneau, AK 99801. 

To pay using a bank draft or credit card (one time payment or auto pay), call Kristina at (907)321-2493 or login to your family account to add your billing information. 

To pay using PayPal, Go to www.paypal.com and send payments to mika@tafy.org. Please add the student's name in the "notes" field before sending.

Payments are due on the 1st of each month. A $10 late fee will be applied to any accounts that have not received a payment by the 5th of each month. If your family has account credit, it needs to be used within one year of the initial date.