The Arts For Youth

Please scroll down for a brief description of the dance styles we offer.

FUNdamentals (Ages 3-7)

FUNdamentals classes lay a foundation for several styles of dance. These upbeat classes are not focused on learning choreography, allowing dancers the opportunity to master skills through repetition. Class will  include across the floor, center, and barre work geared toward our youngest dancers. Emphasis is placed on FUN and learning to love the world of dance! This class will prepare our younger dancers for more advanced classes in the future. Jazz or Ballet shoes are encouraged, but not required.


Turns, Leaps, Jumps (Ages 8 & up)

These classes include turns, leaps, jumps, and tricks from a variety of dance styles. These upbeat classes are not focused on learning choreography, allowing dancers the opportunity to master skills through repetition. Dancers will move at their own pace as they work to improve technique. Emphasis is placed on consistently applying corrections, allowing each dancer to strengthen their skill set and improving their chances of qualifying for higher level classes.  Jazz or 1/2 sole shoes are required.

Jazz (Ages 3 & up)

While jazz is similar to Hip Hop because of its fun and high energy nature, it is also closely related with the technical precision that ballet demands.  With strength training exercises, a jazz dancer can reap the benefits of being strong and flexible as well as enjoying the freedom of expression and personal creativity.  Jazz shoes are required. 

Lyrical (Ages 5 & up)

A fusion of ballet and jazz techniques, lyrical is a very passionate and emotional dance style that is known by its connected and graceful movements of the body. A lyrical dancer attempts to show the meaning of the music, and tells a story through every movement made. The rhythm and beat of the dance is synced with the lyrics and mood of the song. Ballet shoes are required.

Tap (Ages 3 & up)

Where we really get moving and have fun!  Tap is a great way to express yourself through your feet, with its high energy toe tapping steps.  This form of dance incorporates movement, rhythm, and sound as its fundamental basics. Tap shoes are required.

Hip Hop (Ages 5 & up)

This class is a great way to use that energy in a postive way! This style of dance has its basis in Jazz technique while allowing dancers to explore their creativity through “freestyle”. While less structured then many styles of dance, studio Hip Hop is not street dancing. Students are expected to be appropriate and respectfull in language, behavior, and clothing at all times. Jazz shoes are required. (Teen/Adult class wears clean, dry tennis shoes.)

Ballet (Ages 3 & up)

A formal and poised style of dance, Ballet incorporates the foundational techniques for many other dance forms. This genre of dance is very hard to master and requires much practice; focusing on flowing, precise, acrobatic movements. Music is slower, allowing students to focus on precision and elegance.  Ballet  or 1/2 sole shoes are required.

Pointe Ballet (Ages 12 & up)

En pointe means "on the tip" and is a part of classical Ballet technique, which developed from the desire for dancers to appear weightless and has evolved to enable dancers to dance on the tips of their toes for extended periods of time. Preparation for pointe work is a gradual process. Posture, alignment, and placement are vital. Pointe student’s hard work pays off in their development of long, graceful limbs and stunning technique! Ballet flats and Pointe shoes (pending instructor approval) are required.

Acro (Ages 3 and up)

Acro combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. It is defined by its athletic character, and its unique choreography, which seamlessly blends dance and acrobatics. At TAFY, Acro dancers will improve tumbling skills and learn to incorporate them into Jazz, Lyrical, and Contemporary dance styles. 1/2 Sole shoes are required for ages 10+. Bare feet are required for ages 3-9.

Pom (Ages 5 and up)

A cheer/drill team stye of dance, in which performers dance with Pom-poms. Pom routines generally use Jazz technique to upbeat music. The focus is on precision and sharp, accurate movements. Jazz shoes are required. 

Tot Creative Movement Classes (Ages 2-3)

Young dancers learn beginning concepts of dance using lots of imagination and dress-up (sparkly costumes – yeah!)  Tot classes are an introduction to Dance using a variety of music, instruments and creative props.  These are wonderful entry level classes for high energy students that allow children free expression and a fun way to interact with other dancers.  Ballet shoes are required.