The Arts For Youth

TAFY offers more dance styles than any other studio in Southeast Alaska! With up to nine unique classes in each dance style for ages 3 through adult, you are sure to find a class that is a great fit! 

All TAFY classes are taught by professional and experienced instructors, at one of two  beautiful  studios, located in Juneau's Mendenhall Valley & Lemon Creek Areas.

We offer classes in:

 Acro, Ballet, Contemporary, FUNdamentals, General Skills, Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Pointe, Pom, Tap, Technique, and Turns/Leaps/Jumps!

Primary dancers (ages 3-4)

Junior dancers (ages 5-7)

Junior/Intermediate dancers (ages 5-9)

Intermediate dancers (ages 8-10)

Intermediate/Senior dancers (ages 8-12)

Senior dancers (ages 11-18)

Teen/Adult dancers (ages 14-25)

Adult dancers (ages 25+)

We also offer Creative Movement for our Tot dancers (ages 2-3)

Dividing our classes by both age group and ability level allows us to provide ideal class offerings to each student. Less experienced dancers can learn at their own pace with people their own age, even if they take their first class as a teen. Students looking for a recreational class or a unique exercise routine can enjoy the upbeat, fun atmosphere of entry level classes. Those students who excel in the technique, passion, and work ethic required for more advanced skills have the opportunity to progress quickly in higher level classes. All dancers can learn in a challenging and fulfilling environment. Whether you start dancing at the tender age of 2 … or pick it up later in life, our variety of classes means more options than ever before!

*The TAFY Dance Teams like to do a bit a every style and combine a variety of skills into their performances. We call their hybrid style of dance Jazz Fusion.




To ensure your spot in class, online registration is strongly recommended.

You can search all classes by Session dates, location, age group, dance style and skill level, or see all classes before registering. 

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