The Arts For Youth

As we often say in the studio: Practice makes permanent! Only PERFECT practice makes perfect!

Most people tend to practice what they are already good at. Dancers progress more quickly when given specific, strategic things to work on at home.

Each week, we assign a new DAILY CHALLENGE which includes:

  • Conditioning Focus- Targeted exercises to warm up, strengthen muscles and increase power, speed, and balance. 
  • Flexibility Focus- A muscle group or area of the body to concentrate on stretching with an emphasis on alignment and body awareness to increase flexibility safely and effectively. 
  • Technique Focus - Specific skills to develop muscle memory, improve attention to detail, and master technique. 

Every dancer in the studio works on the same challenge each week. We encourage siblings to work together and often include games and contests that dancers can do with family members. Our goal is to provide simple, effective ways for dancers to progress. We truly believe that great athletes and artists are spectacular at doing the fundamentals. Repetition is key. The daily challenge each week coordinates with the current anatomy lesson to allow students a chance to immediately apply what they are learning.