The Arts For Youth

In classes each week, we teach a 5 minute functional anatomy lesson that focuses on a unique aspect of our skeletal and muscular makeup. This helps dancers understand the way bones, ligaments, joints, and muscles work together to perform skills.

Teaching dancers to understand their bodies allows them to appreciate the "why" behind the technique they learn as well as the "how". They gain a deeper understanding of proper alignment which is key to preventing injury as well as creating the beautiful, flowing lines that are every dancers dream. Students memorize the names, relationships, and function of their anatomy and experience first hand how this knowledge enables them to understand and apply corrections.  

This unique approach gives them an edge in other sports and activities as well.  We keep a skeleton model in the studio as a visual aid. She is lovingly referred to as "Pheobe"  or "Dr. Bones" and is often used as an example of what to do or what not to do!